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When you work with A Better Place: JoDee Foss, you receive endless support and guidance throughout any real estate transaction. JoDee has over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate and is willing to help anyone who needs an experienced agent in Dickinson, ND.

We must take multiple steps to ensure everything runs smoothly during any real estate process. JoDee is committed to ensuring your process delivers the results you desire, whether listing a home or searching for one.

For Buyers & Sellers, From JoDee

Whether you’re buying or selling Real Estate, JoDee is here to support you and guide you through to the finish line. Her 25+ years of experience and top-notch negotiation skills ensure that you will enjoy the best guidance possible. As JoDee says – It’s what I love to do, and I do it well.

As an accomplished Real Estate Broker and an ND Money Broker, I offer you expert advice in personal, financial, and business decisions and growth. I bring buyers, sellers, properties, money, developers, and builders together for the success of all involved. For me, it’s about helping you accomplish your goals, keeping the integrity of our community, and improving upon it for future generations. As they say, it takes an army, and I provide the framework for everyone to work together triumphantly.

As a result of my “shake, rattle and roll,” a.k.a. workaholic-ism, I’m a top producer. I’ve earned and maintained the Best of Zillow Award, landing me in the top 3% of Zillow’s Premier Agents on a National level. You will find me in the “most recommended” category of, ranked “5 stars” on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, and as a leading agent in our local MLS. I have earned eagle awards, pinnacle awards, badges, and countless certificates but my favorite is an old-fashioned pat on the back for a job well done. I work hard, stay focused, and put my clients’ best interests at the helm of this rocket ship called real estate!

For Buyers

Buying a home?
It’s a four-step process.


Step 1 – Choose Your Financing!

The first step to your home search is determining how you are going to pay for this property. For most people this means initiating your mortgage. It’s important to know how much home you can afford, how much down payment you will need, the monthly mortgage payment, as well as, what type of loan program you’ll use to finance the new property. Once you have establishing which program works best for you, you will receive a “letter of financing”. This letter will accompany the “offer” when you find the house you wish to bid on.

Please note: If you don’t qualify for immediate financing, we can figure out a strategy to get you to a point that you will.

If you’re looking for guidance in choosing a mortgage provider, I can help you. We are very fortunate to have many wonderful mortgage companies in our area. You have options!


Step 2 – Let’s Go Shopping!

I believe an educated buyer is a happy buyer! This purchase is most likely one of the biggest purchases of your life. With that being said, this purchase should be looked at as an investment in addition to a place to live. I aspire to help you make the best decision for today and for your future.

There are so many different considerations and moving parts to choosing the right home. I will help you navigate through all of them. First, it’s about you and your goals and then we negate the market. The market is ever changing with values and prices fluctuating for a multitude of reasons. Be confident, I will share with you all I have learned in my years of experience to help you make a good decision. From choosing the right fit to offering a fair price with a solid offer that will protect you, I’m here to guide you every step of the way!


Step 3 – This is the ONE!

Your offer is accepted! Now what? It’s time for the due diligence timeline to begin. Take a deep breath and know that I’m here to see you through to closing. This is the time that everyone starts working together to process your transaction. Strong communication is key. Steps are taken to confirm the property is what you expect and worth what you are paying with a home inspection and a home appraisal. Your finance company is busy processing and underwriting your mortgage. The title company is working on the title work for proper passing of ownership. Your insurance agent is working to insure the property. We all have important roles to play. Buying a new home is literally a team sport since there are so many tasks, important timelines, documents and responsibilities that need attention. With a good team on your side, the multiple steps and potential challenges can be worked with and worked through with success. I pride myself in keeping this wheel turning smoothly. I do all I can to make this process as stress-free as possible for you!


Step 4 – Closing!

This is what you have worked so hard for, the Closing! The day that you take the keys and start your journey in home ownership! This is when all of your team players come together at the same time, with the same agenda, on the same date…. with numbers and figures that match all in favor of accomplishing your dream.

On this day, you will likely do a final walk through of the property before you officially close. Closing will require a good number of signatures. This Closing gathering most likely will be when you meet the seller. This is a great time to ask the Seller any questions you may have about the property. Questions might include; what day is garbage day? where is the mailbox? Who works on the sprinklers? All in all, this is the grand finale for which you have worked so hard! Congratulations, you are a homeowner and now it’s time for a happy dance!

For Sellers

Selling a home?
It’s a four-step process.


Step 1 – Contact JoDee!

There’s much to be considered when selling your home. What is your property worth? Is it a good time to sell? Will it appraise? What is the process? What can you do to maximize your selling potential? What will the net proceeds be? How does this work with my current mortgage? I will provide you all the answers you are looking for and shed light on anything more that might help you in selling your property. When you work with me, you will be confident in understanding what to expect, how the process works and the best way to optimize your financial return in selling.


Step 2 – Paperwork & Marketing!

Signing the listing agreement hires me to sell your property. I do not make money unless we accomplish a sale. I work for the well-being of my clients and I do everything I can to provide the best marketing, the largest reach, and the ultimate support for my sellers. I lay out the red carpet for my sellers and their properties. Professional photography, videography, drone work, virtual tours are utilized in putting together the best listing to capitalize on the strengths of the property to get it sold at the best value for my Sellers.

You will have the option to complete a listing agreement in person at my office or on-line from the convenience of your home.

Once we have a live listing, I hit it hard to market it effectively. Getting your property in front of the right audience at the right time is key. I utilize all types of platforms in various strategies. No limits. I invest heavily in accomplishing a sale for you on your property. I list to sell. Your goal is my goal and I do everything I can to achieve that!


Step 3– Negotiations, Acceptance, & Processing of the Offer!

An educated seller is a happy seller. All offers will be presented and you can accept, counter-offer, or decline. The real estate market is ever-changing and I stay on top of it. I will provide you professional guidance in how to effectively fulfill your goals of selling your property in the time you have to sell it. Once you have an accepted offer, you can sit back while the buyer works on their due diligence of the purchase. This includes the inspection, appraisal, their financing process which gets us to the closing. I’ll stay on top of the process to confirm smoothness and completion of each step. As the date approaches you will make arrangements to be moved out, have the house and carpet cleaned, transfer the utility services and request the change of address for your mail forwarding. The buyer will do a final walk through of the property right before closing to confirm it’s ready for them.


Step 4 – The Closing!

It’s finally here, the closing! The day you step away from this one and move forward in your next journey!

This is the time that everyone comes together all at the same time, with the same agenda, on the same date… with numbers and figures that match all in favor of accomplishing your goal of selling your property! On this day you can meet the Buyers. You will have time to address any instructions or special notes you may want to share with them in successful ownership of your home. You hand over the keys, it’s a special moment for everyone. And then finally, any existing mortgage will be paid off and you will receive proceeds of the sale! Congratulations, you sold your property. Take time to do a happy dance!

For any questions or guidance about real estate, please contact JoDee at 701-260-2405 today!

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